Virgin Media, please cancel my account

Update from 18 June 2020

After I have set up this website, Virgin Media customer support contacted me suggesting that they will cancel my account if I shut down this website.

I considered that offer grossly inappropriate and refused.

Then they apologized and cancelled my account and debt unconditionally.

End of story.

The whole conversation happened by e-mail, and apparently, voice confirmation is not needed to cancel the contract contrary to what they told me when I filed the complaint.

They also explained that long call centre wait times are because of COVID-19 situation. I don't buy this argument: if you cannot hire enough people for the call centre, then make an option to unsubscribe online.

What was on this page before the update

Two years ago I subscribed to Virgin Media broadband and used it for two years. On the 20th of March 2020, I had to move out of the flat I rented.

In the new flat there was no Virgin Media broadband option, I connected to DSL and lived happily ever after.

Except for the fact that I failed to cancel Virgin Media broadband contract. It was a monthly (not yearly) contract without expiration date.

It is not possible to disconnect from Virgin Broadband

There is no option to cancel the broadband subscription online.

So far I tried:

I called them 5 times or more, waiting at least 15 minutes on the line hoping to get connected to the operator. I failed to connect to a human every time except one. That time an operator for five minutes pretended he could not hear my account number, and then suddenly call disconnected, I redialed, and surprise-surprise, it is 6 PM, and phone support does not work after 6 PM.

At least two hours of my life wasted listening for silly music in Virgin Media phone support.

Even worse, now robot on the phone line does not even allow connecting me to the operator. It says: you owe us. Please pay and try again. And hangs up.

I tried to text them several times. A couple of times (but not always) I got automatic replies after long delays, but I failed to chat with a human.

I filled a complaint on the website. They sent me an e-mail stating that they tried to call me, but I did not answer (that's true, I was asleep and did not hear they calling), and they cannot cancel my contract without "verbal confirmation". They suggested calling phone support, but I already tried that many times.

So, I paid for a month of not using overpriced Virgin Media broadband (because I no longer live in the flat), and after several attempts to cancel the contract, I cancelled the direct debit.

So now they send me e-mails weekly saying that I owe them 50 pounds, then 100 pounds, and I'm afraid that soon they will increase my debt to 150 pounds and so on.

So I'm out of ideas what I should do next: I cannot cancel the contract, and they continue increasing my debt.

What should I do?

Dear Virgin Media, if someone of you reads this message, please, please cancel my contract.

My account number is 057575107 (Area reference, whatever that is: 15).

Or send me an e-mail: